Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Got a Wife and Kids in Baltimore Jack

Actually, I don’t, but I have heard this Springsteen song several times this week and decided to use it as my blog title.

It has been a crazy week. On the 1st day of school, The Girl blew a tire on her car, luckily she had a full sized spare and she was driving around on that until we had time to get her set up to get a new tire. Unfortunately, on Thursday she left the house and called about 5 minutes later in tears to tell us that a different tire was flat and when she filled it with air, it was leaking badly. Since she had a court date in the afternoon (regarding child support) she was going to miss school in the afternoon anyway we had to call the school and tell them she was going to miss the whole day. And we had to go with to drop off her car to get the tires replaced. While it was there, the tire place called and said that the rear brakes were shot (there was only 2% of the pad left). So we had to get that fixed as well. God I hate cars…
Then, the sink in the bathroom clogged up and we had to call the plumber since we could not get to the clog ourselves.

Work has been crazy because we started a sale this week. I have found that the worst days at work are when people come in big bunches. The people are not necessarily with one another, but it is almost like everyone waits outside until one person goes in and then they all follow. It just gets to be so busy that you worry that someone will feel that they are being neglected.

I have been knitting some socks with some great yarn we now have in the shop called Land O Lace Steffi. It is wonderful and the colors rock.

I have no photos because The Girl took the camera to school on the 1st day of school and I have not seen it since.

There are days when I think it might be nice to take a wrong turn and just keep going… 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lots Of News

A few weeks ago I dropped off my sweater at the Fair. It was a Tuesday morning and I walked right in with it and handed it over. It is fun to go to the Fairgrounds right before the Fair opens. You see all the activity of people readying their booths… unloading trucks, washing down the building, fixing any damage that might have occurred over the previous 12 months. It is just cool to see all the action without the crowds.
Anyway, yesterday we (The Hub, The Baby and me) went to the Fair. There were not huge crowds but it was pretty hot. And here is what I saw when I went looking about the Creative Activities building…

Yes, boys and girls, that is a Red Ribbon you see on my sweater. I won 2nd place in the kid’s colorwork sweater category. I was ecstatic! Seriously, this is the 1st yoke sweater I have ever knit and I designed myself. So to get 2nd place is huge in my book. The 1st place winner’s sweater was outstanding so I a good with coming in 2nd.
The rest of the day at the Fair was good. We did not see all the stuff we normally do because we had The Baby with and she started to get really tired by the end. She did love seeing the cows, pigs and sheep. She had some malt, funnel cake and cheese (her favorite). Overall, it was a fabulous day at the Fair!

The same day I dropped off my sweater at the Fair, I had a job interview at a local major corporation. As I sat in the lobby listening to lite jazz, I watched men leaving for the day. They were all wearing khakis, every one of them … I realized that I hate khakis. I hate business casual. I hate that men can throw on a golf shirt and khakis and be considered “professional”. Really the only professional that should be dressing that way is a golfer. The interview with the HR person went fine, but the purchasing manager did not seem impressed with me. Not that I really cared, by the time I was called in for the interviews, I knew that I really did not want to go back to the corporate world. I will sell everything I own to survive if it means no more lite jazz and khakis. 
Luckily, the next Monday I was offered a full time position at the shop and I accepted. I was so happy. I will not become rich working there, but I am happier than I have been in a long, long time (work wise). They respect my ideas and they actually care what happens to me. I realized one day that knitting is one of the few things in my life that I am good at and I love to do.
Speaking of knitting, I have some photos of recently completed projects.
This is a tam I made for the shop. 

Here is a hat I made for The Baby. I added a pompom after this photo was taken. 

Here is my needlepoint box I did.