Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

I have been having trouble sleeping lately. It is not that I am not tired, I am. It is now 2 am and I am exhausted. I go to bed and I just lay there. So then I think, well I will listen to some pod casts and play some games on my ipod. Next thing you know, I am up in the middle of the night. Last night I went upstairs to read my latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer and I fell asleep. It was about 7:30. I dozed for about an hour and a hour total and then by the time the news came on I was awake again. I suspect it has to do with not having a job and spending all day in the house. Anyway, I am really tired, so please excuse me if this blog posting does not make much sense.

Boo! (Movie Review)
The Girl and I went to see “Paranormal Activity” a couple of weeks ago. We went on a Friday afternoon and they were carding people so the underage teens did not get into the movie. They did not really card me since, well, I was obviously NOT a teenager. The movie is a LOW budget horror film (rumor has it they made it for $15,000). It is basically about a young couple who are having a seemingly supernatural problem in their home. It was good, a very pared down film. No gore to speak of, (I know you are all shocked that I saw something not filled with blood). Mostly, it is a creepy film filled with bangs and flickering lights. However, it was good to see it with The Girl (she declared it the scariest movie she ever saw and that she did not think she would ever sleep again) and a theater full of teenagers. I am sure all of them found it scarier than I did. Will this movie terrify you? I do not know. However, I did find it entertaining and creepy. There is a knitting in the movie, even though, I do not think the actress could actually knit. It sort of looked like she thought this is what knitting looks like. But, it was an honest effort. I am giving it 3 out of 4 knitting needles.

Knitting stuff
I have been knitting. Of course, the photos I took of my stuff is stuck in the camera which is currently in The Girl’s possession. I think she would be mad if I woke her up to get it. So I will just tell you what I have been up to.
I knit a hat for my FIL for Christmas. He was complaining that they no longer make the kind of hats he likes to wear. The navy blue ones like Brando wore in “On the Waterfront”. I told him I could make him one and he said that it was too much to ask. LOL. I knit up the hat in a few days when I got home. He is a funny guy.
Then I knit up a couple of pairs of socks for The Baby. She is the Houdini of the sock world and none of them will stay on her feet for very long (sadly including the ones I just knit her), but I just keep putting them back on her. Her feet will get just like ice!
Right now I am knitting some fingerless gloves made out of alpaca. They are really nice. I am done with one and ½ way through the second.
Next, I have to work on some more Christmas presents. I think I will make my MIL some bed socks.

Other Stuff
There is not much else going on right now. The Girl is on again and off again with the Baby Daddy. The ex-Boyfriend apparently wants her back. Who knows what will happen? It is like a freaking soap opera around here.
The Baby has a cold and has not been to daycare all week. On Monday night, we took her to the urgent care and the doctor said it was just a cold. Since The Baby was happy (she usually is) and she had her pacifier in her mouth and was breathing through her nose, and she did not have a temp she was okay. The doctor said a way to know if it was something more was if she could not breathe through her nose. Who knew? If we had known that before, we would not have bothered with the urgent care.

Well, it is now 2:30 and I should go up and try to get some sleep. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Mummy, There’s An Airplane Up In the Sky

We have been back from our trip for a little over a week now. I was going to blog while on vacation, but I just did not get around to it at the In-laws and once we were at the hotel, I would have had to type it up on my ipod, which would have taken me forever to do. So here is vacation update.
The flight down was good. We had decent seats and we actually arrived in ABQ early. We got to the rental cars place and got our car. No problems. We arrived up on “The Hill” about 4 pm, right on schedule. We were very tired though so it was dinner and a little visiting and bed. Unfortunately it was very hot in our room that night and I had trouble sleeping.
The in-laws have been having chipmunk problems (they were nesting in the engine of the Prius) so my FIL built a live trap to catch them. On Sunday morning he had caught one, so after church, we went to take it to another canyon (over by the airport). Here it is in the cage. It is not a very good picture, but it was the best I could do.

Here is the canyon area where we released it.

One of the other highlights of the trip was going down to ABQ to visit the zoo. The zoo just had a baby elephant. Here it is.

Isn’t just too cute? It just followed its mom around the pen while she was eating apples and stuff that was left around it.

I did not sleep well the entire time I was at the In-law’s place. One night it was the neighbor dog, another night it was coyotes yipping and the one night I just could not sleep.

We left the in-law’s place Thursday morning bright and early to head up to Taos for my native plants dyeing class. It was a great class. I learned a lot. Of course, it would have been more useful if I lived in the southwest, but I am confident I can do it here in MN, I just will need to use other things
Here are some samples of what we dyed.

On Saturday, the in-laws drove up to Taos and we all went to the wool festival. It was a good time. The Hub bought some roving and I bought a little bit of yarn, not much. I was really proud of myself.
Here is a random shot of the festival. The weather was absolutely perfect.

We all went to lunch and then back to the hotel. We said goodbye to the in-laws. We could have gone back to the wool festival, but by that time I was completely worn out from the trip. We just sat around the hotel room and watched crap on TV. It was nice.
On the flight home, we did not check in early so we were not sitting together. Otherwise the flight was fine. However, I am not impressed with Delta’s customer service. It is even worse than Northwest’s. Who knew that was even possible!

That Is How I Know, When I Try To Get Through
On The Telephone To You... There’ll Be Nobody Home

Of course, The Girl was home alone with The Baby. What could she have been up to while we were gone??? Well, 1st she broke up with The Boyfriend. Okay, I figured that was coming. No big deal.
Then the day that we were going to the zoo, I received a phone call. The Girl had gotten into a fight at school and the assistant principal thought it best if she just went home. That was on Tuesday.
Then on Wednesday night I missed a call on my cell phone. I did not know who it was, so we called The Girl to see if she recognized the number. She said it was The ex-Boyfriend saying he was going to call the police. Then she said he was mad because she had taken up with the baby daddy again. So then The Hub got mad that she had taken up with him again. And so they were fighting.
Of course, the In-laws (who are already worried about what kind of life she is leading) were very upset about all of this nonsense.
Then to top it off, on Saturday, when we were having lunch with the In-laws, The Girl calls to inform me that she got into a car accident, nothing serious, just a fender bender, but she did not get the ladies info and we have a huge dent in our fender.
My MIL looked at me and said “You are never leaving home again, are you?” I have to say that all of the problems did make question my wisdom of leaving her alone. However, I will say this… she really appreciated us coming home and she missed us. AND she admitted it was hard for her to take care of everything by herself. So perhaps it was a learning experience.

New Car, Caviar, 4 Star Daydream, Think I’ll Buy Me a Football Team
The Vikings are 5 and 0. This is best they have looked in years and years. I am so happy. I missed the 49’s game because I was in NM, but the Monday night game against the Packers was a fantastic game.
Here is a photo of The Baby in her new Viking outfit that The Hub bought her.

Skol Vikings!

Is There Anybody Out There? (movie review)
On Saturday, The Hub, The Girl and I went to see “Zombieland”. It was a really good movie, a really, really gory funny movie. Did I mention it was gory? I just want to make sure you understand that it is a movie about the zombie apocalypse. It is a very funny about zombies, but they still eat human flesh. It is sort of in the vein of “Shaun of the Dead” only with a really organized gamer and Woody Haralson. We all really enjoyed it. And it even had a couple of nice knit hats. Abigail Breslin wears a really cute slouchy beret, but I do not think I would look very good in it. I am going to give it 3 ¼ out of 4 knitting needles. If you like dark, bloody comedies, go see it. I think you will really enjoy it.

All In All, It Was Just Bricks in The Wall
All of the titles today were brought to by the letter P for Pink and the F for Floyd, and the number 3 (in honor of Zombieland).