Saturday, September 19, 2009


But you will come to a place
Where the only thing you feel
Are loaded guns in your face
And you'll have to deal with
- Billy Joel

I have not been blogging lately because things at home have been bad. I was trying to figure out what to say about them, but honestly, I can’t really say anything. It has been a very stressful month. So I am not going to discuss it. Maybe some day, but not right now.

On Thursday, there was another lay off at work. This time, I went with the rest of them. I was not nearly as upset as I should have been. Well, it’s not like I have never been laid off before. I have always landed on my feet. I actually felt worse for the people who had been there for 20 years. (Just a helpful hint, do not stay anywhere for 20 years. It is too terrifying when you no longer have that security. Really, don’t stay anywhere for more than 7.) I had only hoped I could stay there until The Girl and The Baby were out of the house.
How the company works their packages, I am still officially an employee until 10/15, so with my severance and PTO, I will be paid through the end of October. So it gives me time to find a job. My biggest concern is health insurance (which will go through the end of October). The Baby needs to be covered. I figure, worse case scenario, that the In-laws would be willing to pay for COBRA.
I hate looking for a job. It is just tedious.

On the plus side, I recently had a physical and a mammogram (my 1st) and everything looked good. Although I did get quite a scare when the nurse at the clinic called to say that there was a problem with my test results. My 1st thought was, of course, cancer. Luckily, I just have a Vitamin D deficiency. I know that can be dangerous, but it is not cancer and I just need to take a couple of pills everyday. Totally doable.

Anyway, I have a week before vacation. I plan on working on the house. I will meet with the employment agency hired by the company. And I plan on getting some knitting done. Things have been so stressful this month that I have not even really done much knitting. I have only made a couple of dishcloths and a towel for a Halloween swap I am in.
Here is one of the dishcloths I made. It is my own design.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Award Winning Day

Yesterday I went to the Fair and look at what I saw…

That’s right, that is MY Christmas stocking with a ribbon upon it! I won 4th place! I was so happy when I saw it that I almost cried. I honestly did not believe that I had a chance of winning a ribbon. I actually entered because I have always wanted to enter something at the State Fair. I will let you know when I get the stocking back what points were deducted. I expect to knit something for next year and hopefully I will improve.

Here is picture of some vintage seed bags on display at the Agri-Hort building.

The rest of the Fair was good as well. The weather was perfect. However, about lunch time, my foot started to hurt a lot and we finally had to go home after we had some lunch. Perhaps if I had been wearing these shoes...

Aren’t these cool shoes? They are part of the crop art display. Those are all seeds being used as decoration!

We did get to see everything I had planned on seeing, except for the Old Mill ride. We are going back tomorrow to see all the animals and we will ride it then.