Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It’s 4 in the morning and I can not sleep. So I figured I would get some blogging done. I am going to give my notice today. I do not know why I should be nervous, but as the day has approached I have had more and more anxiety. I know it will be okay, but there is a part of me that just does not believe that. It is just change, which all people have trouble with. One of the tenets of Buddhism is that life is suffering, because life is change and change is suffering. I have found that this is a good thing to remember.
I have determined that I will not get my mom’s pillow done in time for Christmas. I just have too much left to do and I will have to block it and assembly it and ship it. I did however remember that I had a couple of little things I had picked up for her earlier in the year and I will give her those. I am also knitting her a dishcloth, which I know she loves. I will just let her know that I am working on something else and it will be coming later. Perhaps for her birthday.
On the plus side, I finished my mittens! Woo Hoo. Just in time for unseasonably warm weather! I wore them all weekend any way, just because I could!
I have like five projects going right now and I just need to finish something. I took Monday off of work to knit, but mostly I hung out w/ CD. I did get some knitting done; don’t get me wrong, but not as much as I had hoped.
However, I should be able to finish up my mom’s dishcloth today and perhaps The Girl’s fuzzy hat, which I am knitting on size 15 needles.
Of course I still need to get my hubby’s Christmas presents bought.
Ahhh, the holidays.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ribbet Ribbet

I have sent my mother’s pillow to the frog pond so many times it will soon be getting warts! I have totally scraped my design pattern. I will do it sometime, but not for this Christmas. I have decided to make a striped pillow with a cabled front and a stockinette back. I hope it turns out okay.
I think I will have to take a day off to work on it, as well as my husband’s socks and The Girl’s poncho. I do not know how I will get I all done. I also want to finish my other mitten because it is getting really cold here in MN.
I have been very good. I have not been in any yarn shops lately and when I went last I only bought what I needed. However, I need to go find some ribbon yarn for The Girl’s poncho, so we will see what happens.
I finished “A Christmas Carol”, now I just need to knit something for it. I am thinking that I will knit a red lace scarf for The Red Scarf Project 2007. It needs to be unisex, but I think I might have found a pattern that will work. I will keep you all updated. That will need to be done by January.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I have a mitten! Look at me, I can knit mittens. Well, I can knit one mitten. I have cast on the second one. There are a couple of problems with it, as it seems a little short and the thumb a little large, but I will wear it with pride. I will make the second one perfect, I know it.
My in-laws were here a lot over the Thanksgiving weekend, so I was not been able to knit as much as I usually do. I even had Monday & Tuesday off and still did not get much done. They finally headed for home Wednesday morning. I was just exhausted by the time they left. I was too tired to knit last night and tonight I have been running like crazy. I had a job interview on Tuesday and I was offered the job today. I am so excited. I plan on staying at my current job through the end of the year. I have a bunch of forms that I need to fill out and send in to make it official.
I have not worked on my mom’s pillow at all. I am worried that I am going to wait until it is too late and then I will not get anything done. I do not want to sabotage myself. I think I am a little scared that I am doing it wrong. Maybe I will just do a striped pillow. I am going to try to go a little further on the pattern I created. If all else fails, her birthday is in March!
Isn’t life just too exciting?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I just got back from walking my dogs. I wanted to get them worn down before the big feast. It is a lovely day here in MN. The neighborhood was quiet. No doubt people are sleeping in, making food or have left for other destinations. The silence allowed me to think about what today means. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food on the table, especially since I know there are those who do not. I am thankful for my husband, who is preparing the feast and for The Girl, who is in her room blasting her music. I am thankful for my dogs who provide me with unconditional love and comfort. I am thankful for our kitten who, even though she gets into my yarn, is too darn cute for words. I am thankful that my in-laws arrived safe and sound. But most of all I am thankful that I have lived to see another Thanksgiving. A little over a year ago I was not sure that I would make to the New Year. So I want to wish every one a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Knit On!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No Knitting Mojo

My knitting mojo is on vacation. I could not knit at all on Sunday or Monday. This morning I was trying to work on a toy for one of my dogs for Christmas and I had to rip it up twice! God, how depressing, I could not get more that 7 rows either time. Actually, I might have ripped it up 3 times. Uff Da.
I had a therapy session today and I always feel better after I talk to her, so hopefully tonight I will be back in form. I have my Knitter’s Guild meeting tonight, so we will see. I will be working on CD’s Christmas socks. I have 2 inches of ribbing. I think I will stop there. The pattern calls out 3 inches, but that seems like a lot of ribbing. I do not think any of his other socks have that much ribbing. Does it matter how much ribbing you have on socks? I have to say, I get really bored with 2x2 ribbing, although it is better than 1x1 ribbing.
CD moved all my yarn upstairs so my in-laws do not see it. So my area looks naked and that makes me sad as well. I like to be able to reach over and just pull out yarn and fondle it. I know… it is a sickness!
I do not know if it will even be able to come back downstairs until after the holidays. We are going to set up the Christmas tree where my chair currently resides, so there will not be room for all my yarn. Well, actually I did not have all my yarn down there, just the stuff I was “working” with.
I have a ton of stuff to do tonight. I have to pick up a pie and beer and wine for Thanksgiving dinner. I do not actually do any of the cooking (my husband cooks everything), but I have been tasked with delivering the aforementioned items. I came into work late and will have to leave on time (or a little early) to be able to get everything done before I go to the Guild meeting. I suppose I don’t have to go to Guild, but they are going to talk about machine knitting. I do not think I will ever use a machine to knit, but I have my grandmother’s machine in my attic and I want to know what to do with it.
I joined a new blog ring (I am not sure of the correct blogging term). It is called Knitting with Classics. In December we are reading Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” and then we knit something that goes with it. It will be too much fun. I love “A Christmas Carol”. I will keep you up to date what I am knitting for the book and I will also try to put an update on that blog as well.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yarn shops and knitting status

I have to stay out of yarn shops! I went into the 3 Kittens on Tuesday afternoon to look for some ribbon yarn for The Girl's poncho. I did not find any I liked, but I still spent $65. How does that work?
I bought a kit of Sue the Sheep. I don't know why except it was really cute. Lord knows when I will have time to knit a sheep!

I also bought some sock yarn (Lorna Lace) and lace weight mohair (for mittens) and a mitten pattern. Why would I spend $4.50 on a mitten pattern? I do not know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, I have a bunch of patterns at home that cost me nothing and are just as good. I think I fall under some sort of spell when I enter a yarn shop. Sigh.

They are going to be pretty cool mittens though. Here is the swatch I made up with the yarn next to it.

I did finish the jabot for my mother-in-law. It is quite nice, but I still need to block it.

I am working on my mom's pillow. So far I have knitted 7 inches of stockinette for the back. Only 3 more and I can start the actual pattern. Yeah!! Maybe tonight I will get there. I am also working on my nephew's hat and a pair of socks for CD. So many projects, so little time.
I did not get any of my stuff put together over the weekend. I do not even know what I did over the weekend, but it seemed to go by really fast.
The In-laws are going to be here in one week, so I do not know how I am going to get all their presents blocked and wrapped. Arrggh. Thanksgiving seemed so far away when I started. I might have to start working on some of that before I continue with my mom's present. I figure I have until 12/15 to ship it down to AZ.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ain’t got time to Blog

I have been excessively business and have not been able to blog. Plus, I have stuff I want to take pictures of and just have been too lazy to get them done.
I knit a hat for my nephew a couple of weekends ago when he was up. It was a little too big and I was very irritated with it. It was made out of acrylic because it was what I had in the colors he wanted. Sigh…
I also made a couple of more little hats for the Caps for the Capital. I am pretty sure that the one is too small, so I may have to give it to Cubs for Kids. I already have hat for them. I just have to make a scarf and sweater to go with!
I cast on the pillow I am going to give to my mom for Christmas. I was going to do it in the round, but I think it is going to be too hard with all the color changes. I am not very experienced with the whole color work deal and I am finding it very frustrating to do it in the round.
So, I plan on ripping it all out and starting over. I will work it flat, which would be better anyway because I really was not sure how I was going to finish it off so the pillow form could be removed. I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing. Sigh again…
I have been working on a little lace jabot for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Last Saturday I was in the NU Outlet and I found some Artful Virtue 100% cashmere for $10 a ball! I had to buy some (3 balls) and I am making the jabot off of the label. It takes one ball. So I have 2 for myself! Yeah! It was going really well until last night. I could not knit worth a damn last night and had to rip back two times. I kept getting too many stitches. I actually do not know how I managed it. So I finally just quit and went to bed. This morning I was able to work on it just fine. It is too bizarre. I want to get it done tonight if at all possible.
I also blocked my cable purse the other night. This weekend I plan on putting it together. Wish me luck!
On Saturday morning I knit up pieces for a flower pin for my sister-in-laws shawl. I have blocked them as well and I am going to attempt to make them into a flower.
I am going to try to get some photos up so you can all see what I am doing.
Here is the only one if have right now. It is the hat I made for my friend’s little girl.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cable Purse and other adventures

On Tuesday I had session one of my Cable purse class. It was really fun. It was over at the Three Kittens Yarn shop and my teacher, Janine, was fabulous. I figured out the cable stitch which really wasn’t hard. I felt silly taking a class when it was so easy, but I had a lot fun, so I was glad I did.
I have the purse all knit up, and next week we will work on blocking and lining and general finishing. Janine was very impressed that I had taught myself how to knit. Yeah for me!
Last night I left work early so I could haul The Girl out to Eden Prairie in order to ask the new boy to the Sadie’s Hawkins’s dance. She had made up cupcakes and a card. Then she left it at his door step and ding dong ditched him. It was ridiculous. I know that my mother never would have participated in such an event. I guess I spoil her a little bit.
She did not seem to like the wristers and said they were too big. However, CD said he would take them and I think she gathered them up.
I finished up a little hat for the Caps for the Capitol drive. I think it might be too small. I have never actually had a baby preemie or otherwise and do not know how small a hat can be and still fit.

I am working on a shawl using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I should be able to finish it this week yet.
Then I suppose I should make my mother-in-laws slipper socks. I am not really looking forward to it, but it must be done.

I am going to try to get some pictures downloaded this weekend. My nephew is coming up on Saturday, so I do not know how much time I will have to blog.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

The weekend has come and gone and I did not sit down to Blog. Crazy.
Well, The Girl was gone all weekend, which was very nice. The phone did not ring nonstop, there was no blaring music, we could come and go as we pleased… it was Heaven.

On Friday, I woke up and knitted and then I went to the lace workshop. It was interesting, but not really a class. But I did get to sit and knit, which is what I wanted to do on my day off any way. So it was not a total loss. The instructor was from Sweden and very talented. She is having a show at American Swedish Institute. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in knitting.

Then in the evening, CD and I went to see “London Underground” episode 6 (I think) at the Bryant Lake Bowl. It was very entertaining. Except I was knitting before the show started and I dropped my metal ruler, which the usher picked it up and then I dropped my metal needle, which he also picked up, but he was laughing by this time. The seating goes up and I was on the end where it dropped down about 2 feet. It was very loud and embarrassing.
........Metal on concrete floor – klang klang

On Saturday, I went to the adoption party. It was fun and the hat did seem to fit. Of course, the little one did not seem all that interested in it, but she is only 2.

Saturday night CD & I watched the original “Fun with Dick and Jane”. It was very funny. I worked on The Girl’s wristers while watching it. I finally finished them yesterday during the Vikings game. So I had them done before she got home, as I had promised.
She gathered up a new boyfriend at the retreat, so I am assuming she is done with thug boy, but who knows.

Tomorrow I start my cable purse class. Once I know how to do cables, I will know almost everything I want to know at the moment. Yeah!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

One more hat down…
I finished the hat for the party on Saturday. I think it needs something on the top. I am not really good at pom-poms. I think maybe a little knit flower would be cute. What 2 year girl would not love a little flowered hat?
I will try to get a picture on here tonight or tomorrow.

I am taking tomorrow off of work. The Girl is going out of town on a church retreat. She leaves today at 5 and comes back Sunday at 5. My husband (CD) and I have the whole weekend planned.
Tomorrow I am taking a lace workshop. I was going to wait until after Christmas to learn lace, but the opportunity came up this week to take this class at the Swedish Institute and I could not resist. I have not actually seen that many lace classes at my LYS, so I thought what the hell.
Then we are going to go down to see a play. Then Saturday of course is the adoption party. It should be a great time.

I know CD wants to go see The Prestige, but the Girl wants us to wait until she comes home. So maybe Sunday night we will be heading to the movie theater.
The Girl is no longer mad at me, so I told her I am going to finish her wristers this weekend. I do not think it should be that hard. We will have to see! I think the forgiveness came mainly because I managed to get tickets to the Vikings vs. Patriots game. She is in love with Tom Brady (Patriots QB). I love football and the rest just enjoy it. I am very excited about going. It is going to be Monday night game, so I will be tired at work on Halloween.

Until later…

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hats, Hats Every where Hats

I have been making hats this week. I was working on my father-in-law’s Christmas present, when the temperature here in the fine state of MN dipped down to the 30s. On Wednesday I came home from work and my husband asked me to make him a hat. Since I had to finish the one in order to make the other (I only have one set of size 6 DPNs). I could not start until Thursday morning. I did get it done by Friday midnight. Yeah!
My father-in-law’s hat is my own design. I call it the physics hat. He has a PhD in plasma physics (the study of waves) so I found a picture of a wave, (I think it might be a co-sine wave, but I really do not know for sure) and I made it into a pattern. At first I thought I would make the wave a different color, but then decided it would be better done with a purl stitch instead. I personally think it is quite clever and I hope he likes it. You can not really see it in the picture unless you look really closely. I will try to get a better picture at some point.

The hat I made for my husband is just a plain beanie made out of Renaissance yarn by Classic Elite. It is a lovely color, but just a smidge too small. I used up the whole skein and was quite scared I would run out and have to go find more.

I just finished a hat this morning before work for my littlest niece as well. Then, I am going to make a hat for one of my friends little girl. They have officially adopted her and there is going to be a party to celebrate on Saturday. I bought some very yummy yarn last Saturday at the Yarn Garage in Rosemount. It is just a wild store and packed to the brim with all sorts of yarn. Almost too much, because I was about to leave empty handed when I found this and had to buy it. Only $4 a ball! Here is my kitten Buttercup surveying the yarn. The blue hat next to it is the one i just finshed for my little niece.

I have had a difficult time figuring out a pattern for her because she just turned 2 and I really do not know if she needs a hat which ties on or not. I was thinking I would make a nice rolled brim hat. I think that a little girl would look darling in one.

I am also working on some wristers for The Girl. They are going to be black and orange for Halloween. So I have to get the done ASAP or Halloween will be but a distance memory.
She is mad at me currently because I do not like her current thug of a boyfriend. It doesn’t really make me want to finish them but I did promise her I would make them. I am doing them in the round and they are 2x2 rib, so it isn’t like they are hard. I should be able to get them done by the end of the week as well.
I am thinking that I should work on something flat for a change of pace, but I still need to make my mother-in-law’s slipper socks for Christmas.

The In-laws are coming up for thanksgiving and since they are driving (from NM) I figured if I had the presents all done and wrapped, I could just sent them with and save on the shipping charges. So I am trying to get everything done by then. I am almost there… I can’t wait. I hope all the gifts go over well.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Alpacas & Knitout

Yesterday I went to visit some alpaca farms. The one was fabulous. They had about 60 Suri alpacas. And it was a beautiful location. I would like to have alpacas someday, but it is costly to start up. The guy said the average breeding female cost $15,000 and you would need at least 2 to start off. Who knows, maybe someday. The other farm we visited was nice as well, they only had about 15 huacaya alpacas.
I bought some suri yarn. It is natural in color and very lovely. I would post a picture, but the camera is acting up. i will post one tomorrow. I am hoping there will be enough to make a small shawl. After Christmas I am going to work on making some things just for me. I want to learn lace work.
I am going to be taking a class in a couple of weeks so i can learn how to make cables.

Yesterday I had a meeting for the 2007 Yarnover. It should be very exciting, so if you are here in MN keep 4/21/07 open and come join us.

Today, the MN Knitter's Guild held their annual Knitout. It was pretty fun. I got to see a lot of lovely things there. I volunteered to take pictures. I got tickets to go to the Vikings game, but i had already promised to take pictures. So my husband and the girl went with one of the girl's friends.
Well, i got to go, because the girl wants to go on.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hello. This is my new blog. This is actually my first blog, so I hope it goes well.
I intend to discuss my knitting here. I started knitting earlier this year as part of my therapy. I live in a house with a husband, a 14 year girl and two dogs and two cats. It is chaos most of the time. I found that when I knit, I can achieve a level of calm. So here I am, knitting my little heart out.
I have been knitting Christmas presents for family members. It has been going really well. I have made several hats. I love to make them, so almost everyone is going to get one. I knit one up tonight that I will probably keep. I think it is quite cute. Here is a picture.

Tomorrow, I am going to be going to some Alpaca farms. I love Alpaca yarn. I hope to get something nice. I will let everyone know what (if anything) I get.

Well, it is late and I am going to stop. Thanks for reading.