Friday, March 27, 2009

Plastic Nuts Become Hot Topic

I received an e-mail “newsletter” at work and this was the lead story. One day you go to work and you realize that you are expected to get excited about plastic nuts. Oh the Humanities!! Why didn’t I study harder in school? Or at least get a useful degree so I could have gotten a cool job. I bet assassins never get e-mail “newsletters”; much less ones that expect them to get excited about plastic nuts.

Knitting Nuts Become Hot Topic
I have started working on a swatch for the Fox Island Vest. I received this kit from my in-laws for my birthday. I have to have it going when they show up in a couple of weeks. My MIL made it clear that she wanted to see me working on it when she arrived. I don’t think I could have it finished, but I can have it started. I will let you know how it goes. I had to write out the chart because… well I really do not like charts. However, it is not too complicated so it didn’t take very long.
I am still working on my Daily sweater as well. I really like how it looks. I think it is going to be great when I get it done.

Lost Nuts Become Hot Topic
I was so upset after Lost on Wednesday night I could not even talk about it. How could Sayid shoot poor little Ben? He was just a little kid. I feel so bad for poor little Ben. His dad is a complete ass and who wouldn’t hate living on an island that appears to have no way off of it. Of course, I suppose Sayid did not hear Faraday’s speech about how you can not change the past so he does not realize that shooting Ben will not make things better for him. My husband is thinking it might be an alternative universe. I know that I have heard some theories that Ben remembers being shot by Sayid and that is why he had him kill all those people. Okay, I would not put it past Ben to hide his knowledge of people, but I do sort of like the alternative universe idea. The station where Sun and Frank are at in the beginning did not seem right. There was just something off. The Others seemed to take down most of the Dharma signs and stuff and take them over. What if where there are is now the world created because Sayid shot Ben? Maybe the Losties have to go and fix the mess he made.
I liked the episode up until the end. I thought it was interesting to see how Sawyer was trying to hold together his present world and his past world. I actually thought Juliet was really nice to Kate. Nicer than I would have been, but I to tend to have jealous streak. Jack was a dork as usual. God, I have developed a great hatred of the man. I never really like Kate, but I did used to like Jack.

Tiny Rant
The Baby was in the hospital this week. She went in for a regular exam, she had a rash on her bottom and the doctor decided it might be herpes. Now the fact that The Girl had been tested for herpes during her pregnancy and it had been negative did not seem to matter. They sent her to the hospital and proceeded to assume that The Baby had herpes. They took blood and spinal fluid and generally made everyone’s life miserable. One of the doctors accused The Boyfriend of molesting her. This really bothers me because if they really thought that they should call the authorities, not accuse him of it. So after two days it was determined she did not have herpes. Of course, they did not know what she had, but it seemed to be diaper rash. They sent The Baby to the hospital for diaper rash. I wonder if they did this because The Girl is a teenager and therefore must have herpes. I wonder if she had been a 40 year old in a suit if she would have been treated this way. The whole incident really bothered me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Lied

Namaste. Today’s blog is going to be about “Lost”. I have not lied about anything; I just loved it when Sun told Frank she “lied” after whacking Ben on the head. Which I totally called, when Sun and Ben were walking through the jungle, I said “Sun is going to kick Ben’s ass”. And I was right! Yeah.
Anyway, on to the theories:
Who decided Jack would be a Workman? Here is what I think is going on: there were 2 people who dropped out (per Amy) so those records were changed to cover Jack and Hurley and there were assessment tests already done. But what about poor old Kate, Juliet had to make something up quick to cover her. I like how she put Kate in the motor pool with her, better to keep an eye on her my pretty. I hope Juliet lets Kate know that Sawyer is hers and Kate had better stay away. I really like Juliet and Sawyer together. They seem so happy.
I find it interesting that Sawyer referred to the Dharma Initiative as his “people”. It is like he has finally found where he belongs and then a bunch Losties show up to mess it up. Sigh.
What is going to happen to Sayid? Will he try to kill Ben? I think he will, but I think this would be a very bad plan. If there was no Ben, what kind of world would that be? Chaos! Of course, I like Ben. Speaking of Ben, one of the fine folks on Ravelry suggested that the whole “it doesn’t have mustard” was a code word. I like this idea. Ben must have been recruited by The Others by this point and maybe that was the code he was supposed to use if one of them were captured. Maybe they were supposed to respond a certain way and then … well I don’t know what Ben would do then, but I am sure it would be something like help them escape or something. However, Sayid is not an Other, so what will become of him? If he did escape, he would be hunted down by the Others for pretending to be one. They seem pretty sensitive about such things.
What has happened to those who are missing? Rose and Bernard: they are either dead or have been recruited by The Others. I can not image them surviving in the jungle. I hope they are with The Others, because I really like Rose and Bernard, I think they are so cute together. Daniel Faraday: I think his train slipped completely off the track and he is in some Dharma institution, maybe that place that Karl was being held by Ben in order to “fix” him. Vincent: He seems to be able to wander around the Island with no trouble. I am sure he is okay!
Sun & Frank: Did that recruitment center look off to anyone else? Even if it has been 3 years, The Others always seemed to keep up appearances. The window being boarded up and the signs hanging sideways and stuff just seemed weird. Maybe the Losties have messed up the past and now it needs to be fixed by Sun & Frank.
The statue: I think it is Anubis. I know the ears are not quite long enough, but the back looks very much like Anubis. Plus, he is the god that protects the dead and leads them to the underworld. There seems to be a lot of death on the Island, he would be a very busy fellow on The Island.
Namaste: before Lost, I had never heard the greeting before, now I seem to hear it all the time. When did this become popular? How did I miss it?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Don’t Go Potty in My Hat

On Tuesday afternoon, I became a grandma. She was born at 2:21 CST. She was 7 lbs 1 oz and absolutely perfect. The Girl’s water broke at 12:30 Monday afternoon. I left work and hauled her to the hospital. She was in labor for 25 hours and had only dilated to 3 cm. The nurse said they would probably have to take the baby via C-section, but the doctor was on his way to evaluate her. The doctor was supposed to show up in about 30 minutes. Within 20 minutes she was in complete agony and said it felt like here butt was about to explode. She thought she had to go potty, but in reality she had just dilated all the way to 10 cm and the baby was coming the regular way. The nurse had never seen anything like it. However, The Girl only had hard labor for about 45 minutes. After the baby came out, The Girl just kept looking at her saying “That’s my baby!”. It was really nice. I was very proud of her. I took the whole week off and spent a lot of time at the hospital. Everyone is home now. The Baby is very sleepy still, but she is lovely.

Here is a couple of pictures:
Here are her feet.

This is her in her outfit I knit for her to come home in. Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

About the title… on Monday night, we were at the hospital and they were going to do a drug test on The Girl. The nurse had put a plastic container in the toilet for her to urinate into. The Boyfriend had to go to the bathroom and The Girl told him the he had to use the bathroom in the hall because the nurse had but a “hat” in the toilet. She told him “Don’t go potty in my hat”. I just thought it was hilarious.

I really do not know what else to say right now. I am just so happy that The Baby is here and she is healthy.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Living on Arizona Time

I am in AZ for business. So I am blogging from my hotel room in Scottsdale. I will check out tomorrow. After I get done with my business, I will go down and visit my mom. She lives in between Phoenix and Tucson. I have not been down to see her in probably 3 or so years. I hate AZ. I hate the heat and the dust and the lack of humidity. I always feel like I have had all of the moisture sucked out of my body when I am down here. Anyway, the trip down here was awful. First, I was not thinking when I had my company book the flight and I left the Twin Cities Wednesday afternoon. I was not thinking about the fact that I might not make in to my hotel room in time for “Lost”. Once I realized it, I calculated it out and if everything went according to plan, I would get to my hotel just in time. So, do you think everything went according to plan? Of course not! The plane was delayed out of MSP. It was full and cramped and I could not find anything at the airport for dinner. I had sort of figured I would pick something up on the way to the hotel. Our plane was supposed to land at PHX at 6:50… actual time 7:30. I did not get to the car rental station until after 8. My company had rented a car for me from Hertz. When I got to the rental place, there was a huge line. I figured I would just do the self check in, but no, I was yelled at. There were no cars available and I would have to stand in the really long line. Yes they had no cars. How does a car rental place run out of cars? It took an hour, but I did finally get a car… a mustang. So anyway, I did not get to the hotel until almost 10:00. I did not find anything to eat, so dinner was popcorn and twizzler cherry bites and a granola bar.
Would you like to hear the really ironic part? I was watching the news and they said that they were going to be running “Lost” at 12:06 because the station had been running Wheel of Fortune instead of “Lost”. However, after a really long day, I just could not stay up to see it.

I should actually be trying to get some work done, but really I am very tired. I am down here to do supplier audits. Basically, we spend the day wandering around a factory asking questions about processes. It makes for a very long day and I have to do it again tomorrow.

I have no pictures because The Girl had the camera when I was getting ready to go. I will have pictures next time, because I received a fantastic shawl from my lovely husband for my birthday and I want to post it. He also went out and bought me an i-touch because we did not get to go out on my birthday because of the snow. We actually just ordered in pizza.
More later.