Wednesday, November 28, 2007

zazzle design

Normally I do not shameless promote my zazzle products, but I think this one is very nice. My husband and I designed a shirt for The Girl, she loves unicorns. You can check it out here.
Now back to the show!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Girl

I forgot to talk about the conversation I had with The Girl while we were sitting in traffic in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. Apparently, the boy d’jour that she has been hanging around with asked her if it was weird to live with her aunt and uncle. She said she had lived with us a long time, since she was seven, so it really wasn’t that weird now. She also said that she liked to live with us because she has freedom and rules. Yeah! It felt good to know that in spite of all the troubles and tribulations that we must being doing something right.
I just wanted to share that as it was the highlight of my Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Update

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was good. It was just the 3 of us and we had tempura. It was delicious.
We also went to the movies before dinner. The Girl and I saw “The Mist” and DH saw “Beowulf”. We enjoyed “The Mist” a lot. And it made me thankful that I was not stuck in a grocery store with people I did not like. Plus, Marcia Gay Harden wears a lovely green sweater that I think I could actually copy pretty easily. I give it 3 ½ needles out of 4.
The Girl and I decided that we would go to the Outlet Mall at midnight on Friday. Huge mistake. We sat in traffic for 45 minutes the last 3 miles of the trip and it was cut that short because we went around traffic and butted in front so The Girl get to a gas station and use the bathroom. By the time we got over to the actual mall, there was NO where to park. People were parking on the gravel curbs and in front of the dumpster. We then decided to go forget about any Outlet deals and went to Eden Prairie mall which had opened at 1:00 am. We got some good shopping done and then I dropped off The Girl at home about 4:30 or so and headed to the mall near us. (This is the mall that The Girl is banned from until February). By 6:00 I was so tired I knew I should not drive home, so I called my DH and he took the bus over so he could drive me home. Of course, I had a couple of more stops before I could go home, so he drove me around and I ended the day at the 3 Kittens where they opened early for people with the special 3 Kittens card. I spent more there than any where else. After that I came home and slept, it was about 10:30. I figured out I had only had 2 hours of sleep in a 30 hour period. It totally messed me up all weekend. Normally, I get quite a bit done on Thanksgiving weekend. Well, usually get my shopping done and the tree up. I did some shopping and that was about it.

I did get some knitting done. I worked on my mom’s tank top.

And I did this yarn holder for a swap partner.

The Vikings won!!! 41 – 17 over the Giants! It was so great to see them win again this weekend.
So overall it was a good weekend. This week we will need to get the tree up and I will start wrapping gifts. I love wrapping gifts. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Monday, November 12, 2007


There, I feel much better. Work is driving me crazy. I took some silly strengths test for work last Friday and basically discovered I should not be doing my job. I have none of the strengths required for it. How’s them apples? I actually found the job I should have… working at the Reagan Presidential Library. Apparently stuff has been walking away there because they have not cataloged it well enough. AND my skills just happen to coincide with just that kind of work. There you go. I need to go work there and help out the country by preserve our history. I just do not know how to go about getting such a job. Sigh.

Over the weekend I went to the movies with the whole family. We were going to see Dan in Real Life, but at the last minute, we decided on Lars and The Real Girl. I can highly recommend it. It has many lovely knitted items, some of them hand knit. There is a hat I really liked and a cute pair of socks. There is also a scene with actual knitting in it. Oh yeah, it has a good story too. It is funny and sad, sometimes at the same time, which is pretty tricky to pull off. So I can recommend you go see it. I give it 3 knitting needles out of 4.
There is no blood or gore either, I know some of my previous movie reviews would indicate that I see only movies with guts gushing out of people, but that is not always true. However, it is rated PG-13 due to the adult nature of the story, so do not bring the little ones because they are not going to grasp the nature of the story. Plus you will need to explain why you can buy life size dolls that are anatomically correct on the internet to your kids. Are you ready for that discussion? You may be asking yourself why I would be bringing this up. Well, there were several kids in the audience who kept getting up and running around the theatre. Not as bad as when we went to see Matrix II and there was a toddler screaming through 2 hours of the movie, but irritating nonetheless.

I did not do much knitting over the weekend. I am not really even sure why, I just didn’t. I really did not do much of anything. I did go to the movies without my knitting, which I normally would not do, but we decided to go while we were having lunch. Plus, I did not do any knitting during the game on Sunday due to the brutal beating the Vikings were taking. I can not knit while crying. :)
I did some knitting last night while watching TV. I am making some little bird house ornaments for my MIL. They are really quick to knit up, but I need to felt it and then do needle felting, which I have never attempted, so we will see how it goes.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Latest news

So work has been sucky this week and I have been trying to just make it through, and then yesterday I found out my piglet won for last month’s book on the Knitting the Classics group. Yeah! It has no eyes because The Girl thought it looked better "simple". She wanted it so now it is hers. The book we read was The Book Thief. It is a good book, but very sad. I would however recommend it.

I have one Christmas present finished. I will get a photo of it this weekend and post it. I have been knitting every night this week and that has helped with the stress. I am looking forward to getting some more gifts done this weekend as well as my scarf I have been working on for my self. I have discovered that I really do not like knitting scarves all that much. They are quite tiresome.
When I was in high school, I convinced my mom to knit me a Dr. Who scarf. It was perfect and I wore it all the time. I did not however realize how mind numbingly boring it must have been to knit. My mom is a saint!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Toy

Guess what came in the mail this week? My new digital camera!

Here is the hat I knit for my DH.

Here is my dog…our eldest one, Miss Moonpie. She is going blind hence the whitish eyes.

Here is some stash which I bought on the LYS Shop Hop day.

It takes great pictures. I am very pleased.
Look for more pictures in the future. OOO it is so exciting!!