Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cicadas and Such

Cicadas mate every 17 years and this is the year. They are very noisy right now and they bother me when I am trying to sleep. Last night I was thinking about what I was doing 17 years ago.

It would have been 1996.

I had been married for 6 years. I believe my sister & her now husband were dating because I remember going out on a double date w/ them and my future BIL talking about the cicadas.  Of course, it could have been the year they got married…

My little sister was still alive. By this time of the year, I think she was in the process of moving to AZ to be near mom. Or she might have already moved there. I have to say, that I am not always good at remembering when stuff happened. I go off of how old people were when an event happened. The Girl would have been 4 and her brother 1 and that was when my sister took them to AZ. Of course, it could have been later in the year… I just don’t know. If I kept a proper journal, I would know these things.

On the Price is Right, they have a game called Then & Now where you have to choose products and decide if the price is from now or some date in the past (like 1986). Sometimes I watch it and think did they have that back in 1986? My life is just like that, I just ask myself “did that exist in 1996?”

I realize I have not blogged in over 2 years. I have no good reason for it, just less time to write them during work. The Girl has moved out… it was not easy at the time, but it is done. And I have a room of my own. I am going to turn it into a craft room. I have learned how to sew. I have made 2 things and they are not too bad. This jumper is one of them. It contains actual straight seams!

Next year I am going to challenge myself with knitting 52 hats, one a week. I will blog about it. I promise!