Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Owlcrate - May 2016

My 1st Owlcrate shipment came last weekend. 

The theme was Steampunk!

It has many wonderful things… I love this necklace and pin. I adore keys and these just make me happy.

The book is called Everland. It is a steampunk version of Peter Pan. I am almost done reading it. I actually like it more than I thought I would. I have never read Peter Pan, mainly because the story does not appeal to me. There are some points in the book which have too much teen girl angst… which I can always do without. 

There were some items that I will never use… there was a ring, I don’t wear them and if I did this would not be my style. And there was steampunk nail art. I do not do my nails, so it is not useful to me. I will see if the girl would like them…
Overall, I was pleased with the box and I am going to continue getting them for now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I have something to say!

So, things have been going along pretty good. I know it is now basically the middle of 2016 and I have not written anything since the beginning of 2015, which is a long time. I would like to say I have just been super busy, but not really. More like I have not had much to say.
Last year we got a dog from the Humane Society. He is a Chihuahua & Whippet mix, we call him a Chippet! He is a great dog. He was originally from CA and he is not very keen on the cold. He loves his sweater and will wear it inside if it is below 40 degrees outside. He is very snuggly… and he sleeps a lot.  
I have been working. I have been doing some knitting, but not as much as I should… I did learn how to knit a sock inside another sock in March. It is a totally awesome technique. It is perfect for the questionable way I hold my knitting.  
The Hub and I drove to CO to take classes. It was a great trip and very relaxing. 

My granddaughter turned 7 in March. She is lovely and smart and only a little sassy, which I think is okay. She comes over every other weekend and in the summer she spends most of the week with us since her mom is working. 

Lately I have been just a little down. The terrible whispers having been at me, telling me I am a failure. I know I am not really, because things ARE going okay. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. But some days, I want to travel and see all the things there are to see and I know that it is not really possible.

Anyway, since I have been down, I have wanted to buy things… I try to be good with this impulse since it can be dangerous. However, I decided to sign up for some monthly subscriptions… hence the blogging. I am going write about what I get. I also signed The Hub up for one for our anniversary. I told him that he didn’t like it I would cancel it.
It was really hard to decide which the best was for me. There are a billion options… books, comics, geekery (this is what they call it), dessert, wine, food… the list goes on and on. I decided to Owlcrate, which is a YA book subscription. It should be shipping soon and as soon as it arrives, I will download pictures and let you know what I think.
When I was deciding which subscription, it came down to Owlcrate and The (book)ish Box.  Both were young adult focused, which I have started to read more of in recent years, but in the end, looking at the past boxes decided I would like the Owlcrate better. I did order a one off box from The (book)ish Box which will ship in June. It is Harry Potter inspired. Who doesn’t love all things Potter?

There was also one from England that I wanted to sign up for, but I could not make the PayPal work on my iPod… Oh well.