Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet

Yes it is true. I am still alive! Shocking but true.
The Girl had meningitis last weekend and had to be hospitalized. She had the viral kind NOT the bacterial kind so she will be okay. But they had to treat it like the bacterial kind until some cultures came back. On the plus side, they dosed her up with some powerful antibiotics and she is able to eat again. She has not been able to eat since her stomach issues months ago and she has lost way too much weight.
The Baby is doing well. She is talking up a storm and can do a maniacal laugh. It is really cute!
Here is a hat I finished for the shop.

I think it is pretty good. However, I think the yellow/brown color in the brim area should be a little lighter.
I am planning on knitting some stuff for The Baby and generally for my own personal pleasure. I have been knitting tons of stuff for the shop and I am sick of it. I only have one more project that is due for someone else and then I am done knitting for others.

I am going to try to blog more, but I can not make any promises since I have to create a website for the shop and other misc crap I need to get done.