Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy Daze

So… Things have been crazy, in the sort of depressing way.

November has been unseasonably warm, which is always a bummer. However, it is supposed to start snowing tonight and continue on and off until Wednesday. I hope this is true; a little snow sure would cheer me up.

The Girl has been sick (actual disease sick) with various things the last couple of weeks. The latest was a kidney infection. She had to go in several times until she finally found an antibiotic that worked. She is feeling better and is actually getting up (willingly!) and going to school. Apparently, going to school is better than feeling like you are dying!

Knitting has been slow because I have been feeling down and tired. I have 2 fingers to do on my FIL gloves and they will be done. I need to get it done this weekend so I can move on to my MILs socks. The Hub lost his fingerless at Ikea. It makes me sad because if really liked them and I don’t know if I have it in me to make another pair.

I am really not looking forward to Xmas this year. Normally, it is my favorite time of year, but this year, I have no money and I don’t know if I can knit something for everyone…

The Baby is doing well. She said her first full length sentence last week… “I’m not tired.” She was responding to grandpa’s inquiry as to why she was not napping. And the other night she was mooching food off of me and said, “Nother bite of pizza.” She does love to eat, particularly cheese and cheese related foods. And green beans… she loves green beans.

No photos today, but if I can figure out how to embed video, I might put up some video of The Baby. She is too damn cute. (She can also say “Come on down”. She loves the Price is Right, what can I say?)