Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Laws

My in-laws arrived last night.  I have been dreading this visit more than I can say. They are nice, but my MIL is very judgey. I don’t even think she knows she does it quite honestly, but she has this look that just shows what she is thinking. She worries a lot so I think that is part of it. I cannot tell her that whatever happens, things will work out, eventually.

Not that my mom is any better. She is up from AZ for a while, I do not know how long since she has not bothered to tell me. Anyway, she called to make an appointment for us to come down and see her next weekend. It made The Girl so angry that her grandma would not come up to see her and The Baby that she refuses to talk to her. It is just crazy.

In other news, I have taken up needlepoint. It is very, very dangerous. I had done some needlepoint when I was in high school, but nothing quiet so complicated. Anyway, I have been working on needlepoint stuff instead of knitting. I have only knit 2979.8 yards this year. I have knit more, just not finished it. I have been doing a lot for the shop and I just really want to knit something for me...

I have misplaced my camera, so no pictures of anything. Sorry.