Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That Dog IS Crazy

Sorry for the serious lack of blogging as of late. I do not have a good excuse, just pure and utter laziness. To atone for the error of my ways, I am going to post a link to the namesake of this post at the end. Just a hint of what it is… it was on TV Land back in the 90’s.

I have been knitting.
Look, I made a monster for the Shop. 

It is from a kit that we will be carrying eventually, but the yarn maker does not have any of the yarn ready so it is going to be like 12 weeks before they come in. The color way is called Zombie BBQ. It was easy and fun to knit. I loved the yarn. I am going to buy one of the kits when they come in so I can make one for The Baby.
I also knit a jacket for The Baby. It is too cute and she looks like a little polar baby. It was not too bad to knit. However, weaving in the ends of the “fur” was very painful. 
Currently I am knitting a lacy cowl (the pattern calls it a smoke ring) as part of the Ravelympics. Basically, I casted on during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I have until closing ceremonies to finish. I however hope to get it done by the end of this weekend so I can knit 2 things for the competition.

Weirdest Damn Funeral I've Ever Been To
So we are 3 episodes into the new season of Lost and I have not written anything about it. I am sorry… I am going to jot down a few of my thoughts now.
The best line of last night’s episode (see this section’s title) was delivered by Lapidus (of course). He is great…
I have mixed feelings about the “sideway flashes”. On one hand they are entertaining and it is good to see that some good things are happening to our Losties. However, I do not quite know the point of them. Is it a dream? Is it what could have happened if they had made different choices? Is it actually the true reality and the Island stuff is a dream? The writers have been adamant that they are not an alternative reality. However, if the time break occurred in 1977 with Jughead going off, how did Ben get off? Or Ethan? I don’t know… it just does not add up. The Island (as seen in the 1st flash sideways) was underwater and Dharmaville had been built so that would fit with a 1977 time break. Unless the writers are saying that by changing the time line in ‘77 would change things before ’77, which seems odd. How would that work? I do think that the time lines will merge back together and the Island will win… but I have been wrong before.
There has been some talk that Jacob is a bad guy and Smoky is the good guy. I do not buy this, mainly because anyone who can scare the bejesus out of Richard cannot be a good person. I do not know if Sawyer is buying into Smokey’s story, but I do think he is sick of the Island and just does not care. I feel so bad for Sawyer, he loved Juliet so much and I think it was truly the first time in his life that he was happy. Poor Sawyer.
Sayid – I think he is infected with whatever changed Ben from sweet little kid to psychopath. I think Sayid will not make it to the end of the show… sigh… However, you would think that someone who spent many years torturing people could take a little of he was dishing out. Although, the hot poker was really cruel. 
The Little Kid in the forest from last night’s episode: I do not think it was Jacob or Aaron (two theories I have heard) I actually think that he is the rule maker or enforcer. Smokey knows he is in trouble and he wants to get out of Dodge before The Kid catches up to him and punishes him.
That is all I have for now. I will try to be more consistent in my postings.
As Promised: Crazy Dog