Monday, March 03, 2014

Hat # 8 - In Which Things Did Not Go As Planned

This hat is knit with Colinette Point 5 and it is a pattern I improvised.
I bought this yarn with the intention of knitting a certain hat, but when I started it I did not like how the thick and thin nature of the yarn looked. So I started trying different patterns (many). Eventually I decided to cast on with a provisional cast on and do the body in mistake rib. I love mistake rib because it always looks good. Once it was long enough, it took out the provisional cast on and did a 3 needle bind off. Then I picked up around the top edge and knit the crown. It ended up having a little pointy thing at the top which I do not mind as it sort of reminds me of some hats from the 1950s which I have seen (or maybe Genghis Khan). Either way, I am okay with it. I then did single crochet around the bottom edge to even it out a little.

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