Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lot of Hats

Why haven’t I been blogging about my hats?
a)    I have been super busy
b)    I am really lazy
c)    I have been having trouble with my Internet
d)    All of the above
That’s right D!
Last week our internet completely died. It has been acting up for a while, but on Sunday it decided it could not take it anymore and went to the great modem place in the sky.
We now have a fancy new modem, 12x faster than the old one. I know you are all thrilled!!

So onto hats…

Hat 26 – This is a shadow knit hat. I have had this pattern forever. It was a very easy knit. I used some yarn I had around and it did not have the ball bands, it is either Cascade 220 tweed or Encore Tweed. I am not sure. They are very similar and I think this pattern would be better if it was done in more contrasting yarns.

Hat 27 – I designed this hat for a contest by SMC. I did not make it to the semi-finals. The hat is knit with SMC Active. It is a wool / poly blend. It has some sort of wicking property. It was a strange yarn to knit with… not bad, it just felt weird.

Hat 28 – This pattern goes by the catchy name of Mix Number 32. It is knit with 2 strands of ShiBui Pebble held together. It is a dead simple pattern, but it takes a long time because it is thin yarn. But it is worth it because it is so soft and lovely. The hat is very stretchy.

Hat 29 – I made this hat with my mom in mind. I have not seen her so I do not know if she will like it. I did not realize how purple it was until I was about ½ ways done (apparently I need better light where I knit). The pattern is called Spiral hat and that is what it does, spiral. I am pretty sure it is Galway worsted yarn (again, I could not find the ball band). The pattern is simple and I think the hat looks good.

Hat 30 – I made this hat for The Hub. He wanted an earflap hat. This is the Basic Earflap hat. It is knit with Galway chunky. It was a straight forward pattern. I added an applied i-cord because I could not make the crochet edging look good. Stupid crochet.

Hat 31 – This pattern is Lotus Bowl hat. I love the design of the hat. However, there were a couple of issues. The band should have been done on a smaller needle; I don’t know why I didn’t do it. And my gauge was all wonky. I am not sure what my problem was, but it was a problem all the way through. And I was worried about running out of orange yarn, which I did not. I have not blocked it yet, hopefully it will look better after the blocking.

Hat 32 – this is the perk pattern for December for the shop. It is a little critter cowl for the child in your life. Sorry the picture is not great, it would be better on my granddaughter, but she is not around right now… It is a very easy pattern. It is knit out of Spud & Chloe’s Outer, which is a washable super bulky cotton/wool blend. And will knit up quickly for the holidays! 

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