Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Post-its and Problems

The other morning a gal on the bus gave me a couple of packs of post-its. It was odd. At first, I was suspicious because one time a guy had tried to sell me socks and a TV Guide on the bus. She said her grandmother had given her a bunch and told her to give them away if she could not use them. So she gave me some. They are now sitting in my bag. I do like to use post-its when I knit; for marking my current line and keeping a repeat tally. It was really nice of her to give them to me, but now I feel guilty because I haven’t done anything for anyone else this week. You know, to pay it forward, it is a lot of pressure.

Yesterday we gave up our dog. The conflicts between him and The Girl were getting totally out of control, so he had to go. I would’ve liked to keep him, but I really can not kick a pregnant teenager out of the house. And I know that someone could provide my boy with a good home. He is such a friendly, happy dog. We brought him to a shelter that does no have a time limit on how long they hold the animals, so hopefully he will be okay. He is at the MN Valley Humane Society, so if you live in the Twin Cities and are looking for a dog, please go check him out.
In reality, my husband brought him because I knew that I could not do it. I feel so terrible that I would ever get rid of an animal for which I am responsible. I have never done such a thing before and I hope I never have to again.

Overall, it has been a very sad month for me. I hope February is better.

Do you watch “Fringe”? In this week’s episode (12: No Brainer), Astrid is wearing the cutest sweater. I would love to get a photo of it so I could examine the design.

I have "Lost" theories, but I do not have time to discuss them right now and I want to re-watch the episode to reaffirm them. So I will let you know later what I come up with.

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z3ncat said...

So this is years later, but my boyfriend & I have been re-watching the entirety of 'Fringe', and I've recently become obsessed with finding that sweater - or a pattern to make it (I'm not at the level where I can create my own patterns yet).

I DID find, however, while searching for the sweater, a 'Fringe' fansite that has galleries of fairly decent quality stills from all the episodes. Here's a link to the stills from 'The No-Brainer':

If you have any luck - or just want to discuss knitting, or look for a a guinea-pig knitter - feel free to drop me a line at