Thursday, August 27, 2009

i can not take it any more

The kids got into a huge fight last weekend… over something stupid, because all of their fights are… and The Boyfriend left to go to his mom’s. The Baby has been over there as well for most of the week and The Girl has been out doing God knows what with God know who ever since. I can not take this stress. I had actually begun to believe her when she said she had changed. But now, I see no future for her or The Baby. And this is more than I can bear. Honestly, I do not know what to do any more. I am worried that when we go down to NM that she will spend the whole week getting wasted and not take care of the baby at all.
Sorry, I should not burden you all will these issues; it just makes me feel better to write it down.

On a happier note, I did knit a bag. It is the Medium Carpet bag by Noni. It is a dead simple pattern and used 734 yds of wool. I need to felt it and make a liner, but I do not think it will be too big of a deal. We will see.
Here is a picture of it in process.

I have started a scarf for The Hub. I just bought Norah Gaughan’s Men collection pattern book and it is in there. It is called the Cuvier scarf. There is a matching sweater, that is very spiffy, but I am not going to have time to make him a sweater any time soon, so he will have to settle for a scarf.

There is not much else going on. Work sucks… Home sucks…

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