Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hat #2: 3rd Time is the charm

This hat is called Once Upon a Tam it is a free Ravelry download. It is based on a hat seen on Once Upon a Time (the TV show on ABC) which I like for the lovely hand knits.  This photo is not the best and the color is really darker and prettier. Plus I have not yet blocked the hat. The pattern is really well written. Of course, my row gauge is off as usual so I added some plain knitting rows between the charts. 

Issues: The 1st time I cast on the needle was too large and I did not like how it looked, so I ripped it out. 2nd cast on, I got through row 2 when I realized that I had twisted the stitches and I had to rip it out again. The cast on is 168 stitches, this I a lot of ripping out, just saying.  The 3rd time worked just fine.
I thought about using a larger needle for the body of the hat, but I really like the fabric I got with the 3.

The yarn is Lotus Mimi, it is 100% Mink. It was very nice to knit with (although it was a little slippery) and the end product is soft and light as air. It is fantastic. 

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