Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hat # 3 – Oh Voyageur!

This hat is a kit from Imperial Stock Ranch it is the Corps of Discovery. The reason this post is after hat 4 is because I ran out of yarn. This was probably my fault because I always have a problem with row gauge; my rows are always smaller than they should be. I ran out when I had only about 20 rows left. I asked if I could get like 10 – 15 more yards because I figured that would finish it up. The lovely people at Imperial Stock Ranch sent a whole skein. They are awesome.

This pattern (which is available to purchase separately) is really well written. It has great short row directions. But I would advise getting the kit because it comes with the Imperial Stock Ranch’s Columbia yarn (which is fantastic) and is great to knit with.

Columbia yarn is made from Columbia sheep. These sheep are a truly American sheep. They were developed in 1912 by the USDA who wanted a hearty sheep which would thrive in the western United States and provide more wool. I would highly recommend it.  

So, why knit a Voyageur hat? One Christmas (many, many years ago) The Hub & I gave my father-in-law a book about Voyageurs in Minnesota. He was really pleased with it (more than I could have imagined) and he sang a song about Voyageurs. Flash forward to last year when I saw this hat pattern and I thought why not knit that in honor of my father-in-law. If I thought he would wear it, I would give it to him, but I knit him a hat per his request a couple of years ago. 

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