Thursday, June 26, 2014

Officially Behind

I am officially behind in knitting and in blogging. I did not knit for a couple of weeks at all. No reason, just didn’t feel like it. It happens sometimes. And well, the blogging requires me to sit down and write it up and I just haven’t… so there.
It is week 27 and I am only up to Hat 19. So I am going to update you on what I have been knitting.

Hat 17:
This was an experiment for my hat design. It is knit out of Cascade 220 Superwash. I will give it to charity. 

Sorry for the crummy picture. The yarn is too dark to see the pattern well, which is okay because it is not perfect. 

Hat 18:
This is the hat I designed for my intermediate hat class. It is called Choose Your Own Adventure Hat. It has 3 different panels (cabled, lace and Guernsey) to choose from as well as 3 different decreases. I will be selling in on Ravelry once I get it all figured out. It is knit out of Cascade 220. I love this yarn. You could knit 3 different hats with 2 skeins of it.

Hat 19:
This is a hat for the shop. It is Halley’s Comet by Marnie MacLean and knit out of Berroco Maya.
This pattern is really well written. My only complaint is that it knit from the top down which I normally do not like to do. I just find it fiddly and usually unnecessary. I think I should have figured out how to do Emily Ocker’s cast on for it, which I think would have looked better. Regardless, it was a good thing because I was not sure that I would have enough yarn because I did not have a full ball. I made a small and it fits my tiny head. I am pretty sure that if you have a full ball of Maya, you could make a large.
A little about the yarn: it is 85% cotton, 15% alpaca and a chainette construction. It was really nice to work with. And I think it looks great in this pattern. I am very happy with the hat.

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