Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hat 20 – What Have You Done For Me Lately?

This pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple’s Animal Hats and it is done flat. I know why it is done that way, because it is all garter stitch it should be easier to knit flat, but I like doing hats in the round. This hat is for My Girl. She picked out the yarn and requested a Unicorn.  The main yarn is Lamb’s Pride Bulky and the horn is done in Tahki’s Stella.
There is an error in the pattern and the horn directions are incorrect. I just fudged it, but if I had been paying better attention it would have been obvious (there are too many stitches in the 1st decrease row). And it does not use anywhere near the amount of yarn for the horn as the pattern calls for. Just so you know.
It took me one month to knit this hat! Why? You would think that if I am knitting with bulky yarn, garter stitch and big needles I could whip it out in no time… Well there were issues.

1st - I had to rip out most of the hat because the fabric was too tight and therefore too small. I found it difficult to gauge how big it was going to turn out. I actually did measure the gauge on the earflap, but it was still too small… sigh.
2nd - I do not like bulky yarn, or big needles or garter stitch. I know, I know… this is odd, but it is true.
3rd – there were problems at home. I will not go into them, but even though everyone says life is short, there are days when it feels so incredibly long and that will never end.

So my granddaughter wants me to knit her a cat one from this same pattern. I am not going to do it right now because I just can’t!  Maybe she would be willing to use a different pattern… 

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